Friday 3 October 2014

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Gillman Barracks [By: Samantha Yap]
"When I speak of representation, I am thinking of presence and action, I am thinking, is our art world diverse and inclusive enough? Is it amplifying voices and strengthening the presence of those who have already been consistently in the fore? I realize I am trying (or aspiring) to deconstruct a paradigm in order to see what are the walls of barrier and powers at play."
Samantha Yap, 5 September 2014, I'll be your mirror

prep room, NUS Museum [By: Luca Lum]

"8. Anxieties of come-what-mays, erudition and wall text mastery;
9. A thousand blank walls of potentiality - the space to research, interrogate, dream;
10. Above all else, poetry."
Raksha Mahtani, 8 September 2014, Museum [noun]


"In the arts, although the affordability of time offers stability with long-term benefits, I think working within limitations can also spur us on towards more creative synergy as we consciously expound on what we have."
Bernice Ong, 10 September 2014, Pulau Gillman

Safe Sea, National Museum of Singapore [By: Chua Ying Qing]
 "When the audience experiences an exhibition, they perceive it through a series of reflections. They never get to see the original source – the womb of curatorial intention. The trick then is not to leave traces of the illusion/intrusion. For we are now double agents, and this is the perfect crime." 
Chua Ying Qing, 15 September 2014, in four movements

Post-Popup, Centre for Contemporary Art
[By: Melvin Tan]

"The operational currency leans towards outreach and inclusivity...This offers an effervescence of programmes that makes the institutional platform unprecedentedly accessible, experimental and tangential to more professional practices in the vicinity."
Melvin Tan, 17 September 2014, 
Thoughts around the Institutional Prerogative: Part 2 PostPop-Up 

Shabbir Hussain Mustafa & Charles Lim
[By: Selene Yap]
"How do we map an experience? Across the grids that mark our seas, how do memories, ideas, and existence become decontextualised?  The absurdity of mapping or dividing the fluid composition of the sea into pixels of definable space parallels the tensions of confines imposed on the shifting location of human consciousness."
Cheng Jia Yun, Euginia Tan, Selene Yap, Wong Yeang Cherng, 
22 September 2014, 0018A / 5724C
[By: Kenneth Loe]

"“Curatorrent”, an obvious portmanteau of “curator” and “torrent”, was born in my attempts at hacking together a word within a set of self-imposed conditions...if we look at definition no. 2 of “torrent”, as “an overwhelming flow of thoughts, words, sound, etc”, you would be looking at a one-word tour d’horizon of my experience in the deep undulations of theory and theatricality"
Kenneth Loe, 24 September 2014, Pirates of the Curatorrent

"The curator, like the translator, tries to mobilise a thing — an idea, or an artwork — from one co-ordinate to another, from an artist's personal oeuvre to the context of the exhibition and new sets of relations with other works. In doing so, the act of translation enacts transformations. "
Luca Lum, 26 September 2014,  
The Task(s) of the Curator*

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