Friday 3 October 2014

journal RECAP | Curatorial Intensive & Overseas Field Trip

Heman Chong, NUS Museum, Curatorial-Intensive
"[W]e not only saw the art jungle as a whole working eco-system, but also, the micro-organisms of art practice were highlighted and magnified where we once might have been too green to appreciate." 
Euginia Tan, 8 August 2014

Centre for Contemporary Art, Curatorial-Intensive

"I found myself wondering about activism and liabilities of the curatorial particularly the local context. Within the sovereignty of practice, are curators sitting in a pivotal position to resolve such issues?"
Melvin Tan, 11 August 2014, Thoughts around the institutional prerogative: Part 1

[By: Cheng Jia Yun]
@WeAreBUSYBodies couldn’t help
pulling on loose threads and
looser laurels,
pulling out the rug from
under all that media"
     Kenneth Loe, 23 July 2014,      
     Luxuriating in the Algorhythmic / Luxuriating in the Acceleration

[By: Cheng Jia Yun]

 "[O]ur Public Symposium (complete with packed hall) were rife with questions and new methodologies, rumblings of our fertile home ground, potent reminders to go design our own 'deh lee vehs' and generate our own start and finish lines."
Cheng Jia Yun, 13 August 2014,  Reflections: Curating Lab 2014

Para Site, North Point [By: Bernice Ong]

"[I]t becomes increasingly clear to me that the curation of anything has to allow for an open-endedness framed by certain topical guiding lines...It is a game we play as we attempt to list the rules abiding by our own logic, but also almost hoping that someone will hack our gem of a system to throw up new possibilities." 
Bernice Ong, 21 July 2014, Questions we can ask

Ying Qing & Raksha, Asia Art Archive

"One needs to remind oneself that beyond curating for the audience, the artist or the institution, one also needs to curate for himself or herself. One also needs to know (or rather admit) what he or she doesn’t know and wants to know from an exhibition."
Wong Yeang Cherng, 18 August 2014,  
Honestly Speaking: Controlling Art’s Enigma
Cosmin Costinas, Para Site, Po Yan St
[By: Selene Yap]
"While artists and curators have the autonomy in the staging of art as a non-frontal way of bringing subjects into question, this knowledge of and power over any given domain is both facilitated by and productive of various forms of enclosure. In propositioning content, we run the risk of asserting a truth-value onto the subaltern."
Selene Yap, 29 July 2014, On Exhibition-making and Its Dilemmas

Ten Million Rooms of Yearning.
Sex in Hong Kong
, Para Site
[By: Raksha Mahtani]

 "Exhibition happens everywhere. We must be exhibitionists at heart. We change our names to fit the fetish of every future lover; we perform all selves."
Raksha Mahtani, 31 July 2014, 
Curating as Violence, Exhibition as Trauma

Spring Workshop on @nusmuseum [By: Samantha Yap]
"I started seeing how diverse the role of a curator was, a curator who in our contemporary age, dovetailed as many other things too (writers, project manager, administrative extraordinaire, master emailer, etcetera). In the job of the curator, as with many other things in the art world, singularity does not quite exist."
Samantha Yap, 4 August 2014, CLARITY/UNCERTAINTY

Hong Kong Is Our Museum, OpenUU [By: Chua Ying Qing]

"post-art pre-museum
Chua Ying Qing, 6 August 2014,  

Spring Workshop [By Luca Lum]
"Hong Kong shakes you awake with its surprising turns and its unceasing rhythms. Every sense in my mind and body is like a hypersensitive needle on a scale, tremblingly registering each new stimuli. Moments are full-bodied, deep and vivid. I absorb everything."
Luca Lum, 20 August 2014,  ISLE2ISLE / A TALE OF TWO CITIES

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