Tuesday 8 July 2014

public symposium "When Does an Exhibition Begin and End?" | Concept-mapping by participants

Part of the Curatorial-Intensive, the public symposium "When Does An Exhibition Begin and End?" presented Curating Lab 2014 participants with an opportunity to reflect on the role of a symposium and its public within curatorial practice. Building on lectures and workshops with facilitators Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna from Barcelona-based curatorial office Latitudes as well as artist, curator and writer Heman Chong, participants engaged with the symposium by live-tweeting proceedings, mapping concepts of the discussions, and devising approaches such as blogging to document and report the day for those not physically present.
During the symposium, Selene Yap, Wong Yeang Cherng, Euginia Tan and Cheng Jia Yun created concept maps of discussions as they happened. 
Photos: Luca Lum
These served as live reportage of conversations as well as effective summaries and recaps of the proceedings of the symposium for those present. 

 Concept Map of Session 1: In Search of Raffles' Light

  Concept Map of Session 2: The Disappearance
Their mapping efforts were also extended beyond the duration of the seminar through sharing on social media platforms.

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