Wednesday 23 July 2014

journal | Luxuriating in the Algorhythmic / Luxuriating in the Acceleration

by Kenneth Loe

Curatorial Intensive | Luxuriating in the Algorhythmic 

It happens in the sudden transition from 9g to -4g” – Hito Steyerl: Junktime

amanda (anthropomorphic hurricane,
cousin of boris and cristina)
aka an annual festival,
event based
dense population
defined infrastructure – museums, universities, contemp. art centres
specific block of time
organised, extended presentation
strong corporate and media culture

Who’s on (the) board?
city council
civil society
property developers – nosaj thing as 
ethical PDs?
vis-à-vis curatorial notions of independence

a mandate?
5 week contemporary art festival
6 alternative & overlooked spaces

invisible         inaccessible
- - - UNSEEN - - -            
identities                          ephemera
who we stand for:

 @WeAreBUSYBodies couldn’t help
pulling on loose threads and
looser laurels,
pulling out the rug from
under all that media
like Medea at large.
 “Sleep tate! Don’t let the momas bite!” - @internetraksha

“Are your teeth on twitter yet?” – Hito Steyerl: Junktime

“A day of lip-stick stained coffee cups.” – Heman Chong, Image: Heman Chong

@lactasered typing frantically like a polaroid picture on speed - caffeinated cacophony of “fastest fingers first” meets coordinated “digital dandruff”, “confetti (imploding) in the brain” as minds are mapped at the back of the possibility room, an undertaking of near-impossibility mirrored by the act of instant archeology, of drilling nails on keybored.

“Shubigi: Documentation will always superced (sic) experience.” - @HemanChong
“Documentation will supercede experience.” - @ongxbern

Overseas Field Trip | Luxuriating in the Acceleration 

Spring Workshop. Image: Kenneth Loe
Spring time for flâneur and liminality 
Sweet summer nights and stripped to thy sheets, weaving through nooks and crannies of 
rooms under staircases yearning to be sexed
to the tune of Spiderman, Spiderman,
does whatever a spider can.
“What do you do for a living?”
“I’m a web designer.”

Screenshots of Hito Steyerl’s Lovely Andrea at Connecting Space, “Ten Million Rooms of Yearning” exhibition by Para Site. Image: Kenneth Loe

Material, material, woe unto thee.
So little time, so much to do,
I’d rather just run my fingers through you
And feel the weight of the archive,
the “constellation of accumulative platforms”
On my shoulders.

A selection of material that I ran my fingers through (read too of course!) at Asia Art Archive.
Image: Kenneth Loe

William Lim
You (you)
“really damn awesome collection!!!” - @lactasered

Nadim Abbas’s Cataract at OpenUU. Image: Kenneth Loe
Lying on one of the pillows from Lee Kit’s My pillow seems like a bed, a pillow seems like my bed. with @internetraksha (on the right) at OpenUU. Image: Kenneth Loe
As the flâneur heads back to Spring
For one final toast…

“Aaaaand that marks the end of #curatinglab2014 field trip to HAHNG KAHNG! MMMGOISAILEI everyone” - @seleneysh. Image: Selene Yap
He stops in front of a mirror
and his reflection is sliced into half
in that moment of unadulterated acceleration.

“always a reflective bunch” - @charcharcheng. Image: Cheng Jia Yun

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