Monday 14 July 2014

phase 1b. Overseas Field Trip

Immediately after a rigorous introduction to the programme the week before, Curating Lab participants were whisked off to Hong Kong on 16 June 2014 for a 5-day Overseas Field Trip.

Aiming to provide exposure to international curatorial practices, the trip involved visits to independent art spaces such as Spring Workshop, Para Site, Pekin Fine Arts and William Lim's collection at openUU as well as talks by curators and industry practitioners of wide-ranging practice such as Mimi Brown, founder of Spring Workshop, Para Site curators Cosmin Costinas and Lim Qinyi, and Pauline Yao and Aric Chen, both curators at M+.

Extending on their efforts during the Curatorial-Intensive, they also had the opportunity to conduct an afternoon of exhibition research at Asia Art Archive, following introductions and discussions with Claire Hsu, Chantal Wong and Hammad Nasar.

Programme facilitators Heman Chong, Max Andrews and Mariana Canepa Luna as well as programme mentor and NUS Museum assistant curator Kenneth Tay were also on hand to constantly engage participants in intense discussions and critical reflection.

"I am most appreciative that the programme highlighted the curatorial strategies and trends local to Hong has offered me substantial insight into the problems, challenges, and most definitely, the tailored solutions to curating spaces within a land scarce country, much like Singapore."
Wong Yeang Cherng, participant

 "It was very valuable to have heard from a range of voices and seen different typologies of institutions, how they are programmed, funded and run on a daily basis and also in the long-term."
Max Andrews and Mariana Canepa Luna, programme facilitators

Overseas Field Trip | in photos

Throughout the trip, participants and facilitators reflected on their experiences and continued their reflections and discussions on-the-go through social media; follow their conversations here:

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