Friday 3 August 2012

Journal I some arrows are better than others

Undoubtedly, one of the distinctive characteristics about Arrow Factory is its sense of humor.

Whether that's a conscious decision by the curators and/or the artists themselves, it is hard not to attribute it to the nature of the space itself. A small and supposedly unassuming space no more than 15 sqm situated along a small hutong alley in the Beijing city center.

Amongst its many project over the last 5 years, such as the video installation (It’s Not About the Neighbors) by Wang Gongxin that creates a simulacrum of Arrow Factory's neighbor or the kinetic installation (38 Jianchang Hutong) by Zhang Peili, these projects exhibit a particular sense of mischief.

Perhaps, it stems from the fact that it doesn't need to take itself too seriously. As compared to the big institutions, museums and galleries that exist because they have to exist, Arrow Factory seems to exist, simply because it wants to.

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