Saturday 25 August 2012

Journal I everyone is a curator

at future perfect's second session, we discussed how the term 'curating' is pretty loosely used these days ... and thrown around in a variety of contexts - anything and everything can be curated, from fashion to music playlists yadda blah. it's almost as though the word 'curate' has become a trendier replacement for anything that means 'organise'.  recently, at work, i also came across situations where architects are starting to use phrases like 'curating space' when they actually just mean 'designing space'.

we also talked about curators' rite of passage to becoming one, and if getting a curatorial education is actually a healthy thing for the scene. david's view was that most good curators are not made by attaining degrees, they just become better at their craft by doing, and making mistakes, and then doing better. i'm not so sure if i agree entirely with him because events like this one gets off the hook pretty easily.

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