Tuesday 14 August 2012

common programme: Curatorial Roundtable 02

Date: 18 Aug 2012
Time: 2pm
Venue: Unit 15 Lorong 24A Geylang

To RSVP: Please email museum@nus.edu.sg or call 6516 8817 / 8428
Limited to only 30 seats.


Presented in conjunction with Curating Lab 2012, the Curatorial Roundtable series is a public talk series that gathers together curatorial and industry pratitioners across different spectrums, to discuss their latest exhibitions and projects. Although presented primarily for the participants of Curating Lab 2012, this series is an opportunity to bridge the gap between the curator and the audience, providing opportunities for interaction and stimulating discussions on curatorial practices and process.


David Henkel is Curator for Southeast Asia at the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM). His focus is primarily on the Malay World and Tribal communities, as well as the early-modern period of Southeast Asian history. His research interests include weapons and warfare, religion and ritual, woodcarving, metalwork and textiles. His most recent exhibition was Land of the Morning: The Philippines and its People. 

Lilian Chee is a writer, architectural theorist and designer. She was trained at the Bartlett, University College London where she obtained her doctorate, and at the National University of Singapore where she is currently Assistant Professor. She is interested in the potentials and problematics of domesticity as it impacts the individual, the neighborhood, and ultimately, the city. Her interest has been explored across various visual media including architecture, art and film. She is presently working on a research film looking at domesticity within Singapore's public housing context.

Erika Tan is an artist and curator whose work has evolved from an interest in anthropology and the moving image. Her work is often informed by specific cultural, geographical or physical contexts; exploring different media to create situations that excite, provoke, question, confront and invite comments from an audience. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including Thermocline of Art (ZKM, Germany 2007), The Singapore Biennale (2006), Around The World in Eighty Days (South London Gallery / ICA 2007), EAST International  (Norwich Gallery 2000), Cities on the Move (The Hayward Gallery, London), and Incommunicado (Hayward Touring exhibition). 

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