Wednesday 6 August 2014

journal | hong kong in hypertext

by Chua Ying Qing

< hong kong in hypertext >

< day 1 >

                                                           a gap will yawn, no
                                                           perhaps it’ll be but a peek
                                                           but oh what a glimpse...

< day 2 >

                                                           grey lit clues into
                                                           accidental histories;
                                                           AAA reveals

                                                           look out Sam Johnson
                                                           SEA’s Dictionary

< day 3 >

                                                           parallel sites x
                                                           contraparallel minds, let’s
                                                           build constellations

                                                           let the art bleed, feed
                                                           on the bones or bury it
                                                           deep just, go, hybreed

< day 4 >

                                                           post-art pre-museum
                                                           post-seeing pre-viewing 
                                                           re:presentation HOW

< day 5 >

                                                           yumcha 3 hours
                                                           in my notebook I record 

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