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Curating Lab 2014


Phase 1a: Curatorial-Intensive

Period: 11-14 June 2014
Lead Facilitators: Heman Chong and Latitudes (Max Andrews & Mariana Cánepa Luna)

The curatorial-intensive will focus on practices that engage with the production of knowledge; one that is multifarious, relational and participatory. While providing scopes for intents and slippages, it is often opened to interpretative articulations and re-articulations, subjected to varying contexts of exhibition making and the very audiences that perform and shapes it production. Lectures and workshops led by Heman Chong and Latitudes (Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna) in this intensive will explore concepts of knowledge production in the realms of art, fiction, journalism, theory and other possibilities.

Day 1: Lecture and Workshop by Latitudes
Day 2: Visits to Singapore Art Museum, Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore & NUS Museum
Day 3: Lecture and Workshop by Heman Chong
Day 4: Round-up & Public Symposium

As part of Curating Lab 2014’s curatorial-intensive, the public symposium “When Does an Exhibition Begin and End? will bring together curators and artists working in Singapore to discuss their recent and ongoing projects. Addressing the format of the exhibition in terms of duration and process, the symposium will consist of two complimentary sessions that will reflect on the exhibition's capacity to articulate its own making and incorporate its own history. In the same way that the Internet has untethered television from fixed schedules and newspapers from print deadlines, the symposium will further ponder on how the exhibition and today's art institutions are undergoing similar transformations.

Within the context of Curating Lab 2014, “When Does an Exhibition Begin and End? will be treated as an occasion to reflect on the role of a symposium and its public within curatorial practice. It will count on the engagement of Curating Lab participants who will be live-tweeting proceedings, mapping concepts of the discussions, and devising an approach to documenting and reporting the day for those not physically present.

The symposium will be convened and moderated by Heman Chong and Latitudes.

Phase 1b: Overseas Field Trip – Hong Kong

Period: 16-20 June 2014
Lead Facilitators: Heman Chong and Latitudes (Max Andrews & Mariana Cánepa Luna)

Immediately following the curatorial-intensive, an overseas field trip to Hong Kong aims to expose participants to international curatorial practices and situate their curatorial processes within the region. Participants will visit spaces such as Spring Workshop (, Asia Art Archive ( and Para Site (

Phase 2: Institutional Internship + Exhibition Research & Planning

Period of Internship: July – Dec 2014
Period of Full-Time Industry Immersion: 30 June – 25 July 2014
Institutions: NUS Museum, Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore, National Arts Council - Venice Biennale Secretariat

This six-month institutional internship includes a mandatory full-time industry immersion for 4 weeks with an institution of their choice (pending final assignment by the selection panel) to provide them with an overview of the daily activities of a contemporary art institution or practice. After the immersion, each group of participants will continue to work with their institutions on a mutually-agreed basis to continue research assignments and projects initiated earlier.

Research for the final exhibition project will begin during the internship period and each group of participants will function as a curatorial collective. Each group will be provided with a starting point related to the institution that they are attached to. As a cohort, participants will attend monthly crit sessions with mentors and facilitators to discuss their progress and the various facets of exhibition-making.

The public Curatorial Roundtable talk series will launch in August to continue providing participants with insights into curatorial practice and networking opportunities.

Phase 3: Final Exhibition Project

Period: January 2015
Duration: 3 weeks
Venue: NUS Museum

As a culmination to the programme, the final exhibition project is a showcase of the participants’ curatorial projects to the public. Each internship group will function as a curatorial collective and will be provided with an exhibition project budget.

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