Monday 4 June 2012

introducing: Curating Lab

Curating Lab: 2012
Curatorial-Intensive & Internship Programme


Curating Lab offers final year tertiary students, recent graduates and young curators exposure into curatorial perspectives and practices. Organised by NUS Museum in partnership with the National Arts Council, this six-month programme begins with a curatorial-intensive designed as a workshop, followed by internship assignments. Participants are guided by facilitators and mentors, working towards a final exhibition project The programme centres on curatorial heterogeneities and contingencies, to be addressed as practices informed by conceptions of the nation and the global, spaces and their contexts, where modalities of practice are shaped and positions defined.


Application is open to Singapore citizens/PRs.

Individuals who are interested in pursuing a career as a curator or in the heritage industry.

          Recent graduates or final year students (e.g. local graduates with major or minor in art/art   
          history; arts management and heritage-related majors such as history, sociology,  
          architecture, Southeast Asian studies etc.)

          Individuals working in the arts with less than 3 years experience (in last five years)


The Curating Lab programme includes a Curatorial-Intensive designed as a workshop, an Internship period with selected institutions, a Regional Field Trip and a Final Exhibition Project, organised over a period of six months


For more information, please download the Application Package

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